Your Day Your Way

Brides & Reflections has been providing personalize, friendly service for many years. Here is what a few customers have to share about their experience with Brides & Reflections.


Thank you so much for everything Andrea.  The dress was simply gorgeous and I had so many compliments on how perfectly it fitted me and suited me to a T.  For this I owe all credit to you.  You managed to get me the most PERFECT dress, in every way and I absolutely love it!! 

You are a fantastic, genuine and caring person.  You were a pleasure to deal with all the time, every time and nothing was ever a problem for you, particularly with my weight loss, you were absolutely fabulous.  Thank you for believing in me.  You really went above and beyond and I will be forever grateful!! 

Your warmth, happiness and easy going manner helped to make our day very special, one that we will never forget.  Thank you so very much for everything Andrea, you are a truly amazing and wonderful person and we appreciate everything you have done for our day from the bottom of our hearts!!


The thought of getting married as a kid was magical and I wished I could look like a princess just like the girl in fairy tales. When I grew up I realised that planning a wedding was actually quite stressful and not as perfect as in the movies. The day Dean proposed to me was the happiest moment of my life and I could not wait to start our life as husband and wife. So we started planning picking a date, venue, guests, food, cars, bridal party and most importantly the dress! Finding the perfect dress was HARD they either didn’t fit right, to long, to short, to much cleavage, no train this was until I walked into Andreas Bride and Grooms.


Andrea was so helpful and kind she made me try on dresses that I would have never considered for myself, that she thought would suit my body type she told me exactly what she thought of each dress on me, which is what you want when you’re finding the most important dress of your life. Then I found the one it was perfect it brought tears to my mum’s eyes and made me want to twirl around and smile all day. It was designed by Henry Roth a New York Designer Andrea informed me that Henry Roth was coming into the shop in a couple of weeks to do a designer day with brides and help them find the perfect and even though I kind of knew in my mind that I found my dress I agreed to accept the invite and meet the designer of the most beautiful dress. The day came and I gathered two of my bridesmaid and went to visit Andrea and Henry. I tried on the dress again for Henry and he was just as thrilled as I was his comment was “when designing that dress I pictured it to look exactly like that on the bride, I need you to wear that dress” WOW what a compliment it just set the decision in concrete for me, this was my dress! Although the dress fit perfect Henry agreed to go back to New York and make a new one for me. 2-3 weeks passed and I received a phone call, a international number… it was Henry Roth calling from New York I was so excited.


I was at work and had to try and act calm till I got outside. Henry rang to say that he had been to 3 countries and couldn’t find the same lace that was on the dress and said that the dress wouldn’t be the same without it. He apologised 50 times I reckon, I agreed that I would buy the dress in the shop that Andrea has put away for just in case. I was just excited that I was getting a call from Henry Roth and I was still happy with this dress as I was only one of a couple brides that tried it on as it was his new line.
I went a visited Andrea that weekend and told her what Henry had said, little did I know that Henry had already talked with her and made a special arrangement to surprise me. The surprise was, Henry felt so bad he decided to make it up to me (not that he needed to) he was going to buy me the matching jewellery to go with my dress, and a veil of my choice I was very over welled and so excited that all this was happening to me just a ordinary bride my childhood dreams seemed not so fair away.


My day came around closer and closer and every fitting I had with Andrea was amazing I would leave so happy and me and my mum would talk about it for ages and get more excited for the big day. By the end of it Andrea got the nick name my Fairy godmother she just knew all the answers and it seemed like she had a magic ward full of fairy dust. Final fitting and after the alterations the dress was perfect, Dean even got the perfect suit he was after and looked like my handsome prince charming. Our wedding day was perfect and with having this beautiful dress on it made me feel like the princess I always wanted to feel like. I couldn’t have done it without Andrea, Colin and Henry. Thank you for making me feel like a princess and did every little thing you could do to make mine and Deans wedding day a Magical one.




Dear Andrea,

Thank you for all your help. We couldn't have wished for a better day.

Thank you,
Stephanie (Price) Noonan


Dear Andrea & Colin,
Thanks so much for the effort you made for our dresses (and Robert's suit). The girls look great and my dress got plenty of comments - I loved it! We had a great day and honeymoon (Everest Base Camp)!
Thanks, again Michael and Shondell


To Andrea,

I will be forever grateful to you for my gorgeous wedding dress. Nothing was ever too much trouble. You were always more than helpful. You made me feel comfortable and at ease the entire time. You made it all so easy for me. What a day it was! We will always look back on our wedding day as perfect. Thank you for the part that you played in it.

From Cathy Mannion


Dear Andrea & Colin,

Thank you for your help leading up to our special day. The dress was amazing and everyone commented on how beautiful it was.

Thanks again, With Love
Mel Moss


Thanks for everything guys! All your hard work for our wedding was muchly appreciated.



 Dear Andrea and team,

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help in finding the perfect dress for my black tie function on Friday night. I was especially grateful for your professional advice and assistance in taking up the hem at such short notice.
A big thank you to all,

Chris Sleep



Dear Andrea,

A quick note to thank you for creating the most beautiful dress, I have ever seen. I loved it so much and went perfectly with the hair, makeup and jewellery (yes I wore both the necklace and the earrings). Thank you also to your girls in the shop. I've never received so many compliments before.

Thank you,